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Treehouse Pod Playset

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$15,999.90 - $15,999.90
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Aussie Play Pods

A revolutionary playground system that bridges the gap between permanent playgrounds and movable play equipment. Now you can have a large scale playground without all the hassles and expenses that a traditional permanent playground would require, yet with the ability to change pieces regularly and provide new challenges for the children. With Aussie Play Pods there is no need to dig up your play area, no need for intrusive excavation machines, no need for a specialized playground install team. Our Pods system is 100% modular and configurable to fit into your play space.

Made in Australia

Proudly made in Sydney Australia to the highest standards.

Aussie Play Pods are built to Aussie Play’s usual high quality standard incorporating high quality materials such as aluminum that never rusts, our NEW multi-color UV resistant HDPE panels with natural theme engraving and merbau timber. Keeping in the theme of long-term durability we now have our poly-coated steel-wire core playground rope with high quality aluminum fittings and stainless-steel attachment eyelets. Give your outdoor area a flexible playground that will last for years while providing changeable and exciting challenges for the children.

Comes supplied with all the tools required to assemble

Anyone can assemble, using the supplied tools! Easy-to-use adjustable leveling system.


• Slide
• Natural tree designs create hollow hidy-holes
• Movable Play Equipment Adapter
• Sun-safe shade sails on every Pod
• Slippery Dip

What's inside?

  • 1 Pod
  • Large slippery dip
  • Rope climber
  • Treehouse roof
  • Tree hollow peek-a-boo hole
  • Tree cave
  • Tree roots hiding nook
  • Nature treehouse wall

Ages: 3+

    Treehouse Pod Playset