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Set of 4 Activity Carpets SAVE

Original price $1,599.60 - Original price $1,599.60
Original price $1,599.60
$1,799.00 - $1,799.00
Current price $1,799.00

Our Activity Carpets are designed to be comfortable to play and read on while providing engaging, educational activities for children. They also make the classroom look amazing! This money-saving set includes:

  • Feelings and Emotions Carpet Squares?ÿSet of 16?ÿ(each?ÿ 50cm x 50cm).
  • The Bush Tucker Carpet game?ÿ(size 2m x 2m).
  • Clean up the Carpet?ÿ(size 2m x 2m).
  • Australian Road Mat Set of 4?ÿ(each 1m x?ÿ1m).





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