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Rubber Foot

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Designed to be used as replacement feet for the base of all Aussie Play products. Each trestle foot is made of durable non slip rubber and can be used to replace rubber feet on the product when they wear down over time.

Different brands of trestles have different angles and diameters, these rubber feet are sold as single pieces and are designed for use with Aussie Play Trestles. This genuine replacement part is sold as a single piece.

NOTE: Aussie Play metal play pieces are built in Australia to the highest standards. This product is recommended for use with genuine Aussie Play accessories, that have special rubber cleats that protect metal surfacing and will prolong the new look and lifespan of the product. Use of this product with plastic, wooden and metal accessories from other manufacturers can lead to chipping and scratching of painted surfaces. The warranty for this product does not cover aesthetic damage of this nature. The aluminium frame design will however ensure the product remains rust free even if paint is scratched off or worn away.



Size 40mm x 40mm x 45mm. Fits a 32mm tube.


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