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Kids of the World Puzzle Set with FREE Posters 8 Puzzles

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Number of Puzzle Pieces: 12 Piece

Beautifully captured and made in Australia puzzles of,

  • Corroboree Kids
  • Holi Kids
  • Tibetan Kids
  • Native American Kids
  • Nepalese Kid
  • Mongolian Kids
  • African Kids
  • Maori Kids 

    Research suggests that playing with puzzles might have positive impacts on a child’s cognitive, physical and emotional development.

    Fine motor skills

    As children pick up, manipulate, grasp and place each puzzle piece they are developing fine-motor skills. Fine-motor skills are related to handwriting, drawing and typing abilities in later life. Motor ability has even been linked to IQ in school-aged children.

    Hand-eye coordination

    As the child coordinates what they see with where they must move their hands to place each piece correctly, they are developing hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is corelated with sporting ability, balance, handwriting and reading.

    Problem solving skills

    Jigsaw puzzles help build the foundations of important skills needed to overcome more complex problems in later life, including planning, goal setting and deductive reasoning. Each success in working through challenges and completing the puzzle also contributes to the child’s sense of self-efficacy. Self-efficacy supports children to build the self-confidence necessary to persevere through more challenging tasks in later life.

    Emotional regulation

    By dealing with frustrations as they work to fit the pieces through trial and error, children also develop emotion-regulation skills, such as patience and perseverance. Emotion-regulation in early childhood is predictive of later academic success.

    Focused attention

    Solving a puzzle requires concentration and focused attention. Puzzles can’t be cheated, teaching the child to slow down and attend to the details. Focused attention is a critical component of adult complex problem-solving ability.

    Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)




    Made in Australia

    Proudly made in Sydney Australia using Australian sustainably sourced timber.


    We have carefully hand crafted this resource with love and care. You might even find slight imperfections in the way it is handmade which we think add to it’s charm.  

    Made from sustainably sourced timber

    The timber used in this resource has been harvested responsibly. Carbon is reduced by growing trees and is also stored in the dry timber forever, this means timber a sustainable resource.

    Stores effortlessly

    Designed with your classrooms limited storage in mind, this puzzle stores nicely is its own wooden storage tray.

    What’s in the box?

    This product is sold as 8 puzzles with Free Posters. 

    Out of the box thinking

    Environmentally friendly recycle cardboard packaging can be creatively upcycled into useful classroom items. Alternatively, please recycle your cardboard box to help do your part for the environment.


    Dimensions: Wooden puzzle measures 34cm x 24cm x 1cm.

    Number of puzzle pieces: 12 pc and 6 pc

    Weight: 5kg.

    Ages: 3+

    Kids of the World Puzzle Set with FREE Posters 8 Puzzles