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Glowing Tree Table with Bamboo Base

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Watch as young minds thrive in the captivating world of colors, light, and imagination. Add this extraordinary table to your space and create an environment where learning and play come together in perfect harmony. 

Key Features:

1. Sensory Delight: As children gather around, they are entranced by the gentle, soothing light that permeates through the transparent objects they interact with. It's the perfect canvas for exploring transparencies, colors, shapes, and the mesmerising interplay of light and shadow.

2. Sturdy Bamboo Stand: Elevating the experience is the inclusion of a beautiful bamboo stand. This stand not only adds a touch of natural elegance to the table but also places it at the ideal height for children to stand around comfortably. 

3. Vibrant LED Lighting: Kids can enjoy a dynamic display of colors, creating an ever-changing environment that sparks their creativity. Say goodbye to cords and power points; this table is ready to shine wherever you place it.

4. Ample Dimensions: With a generous diameter of 80cm and a height of 56cm, this table provides ample space for children to engage in a variety of sensory activities. It accommodates multiple little explorers, making it perfect for group play and learning adventures.

5. Assembly Made Easy: The bamboo base, which adds stability and style, requires simple assembly. Four screws are supplied to securely attach it to the table, ensuring a safe and reliable platform for all the sensory adventures to come.

6. Age-Appropriate Fun: Suitable for children aged 3 and above. It's a safe and captivating addition to any playroom, classroom, or learning space.