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  • Made in Australia
  • Made in Australia
  • Made in Australia
  • Made in Australia
  • Made in Australia
  • Made in Australia
  • Made in Australia

Colours Matching Game

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Education National Made in Australia

Key Features

Match same colour cards 

The best way to learn colours and improve your matching skills with educational resources. 

Made in Australia

Proudly made in Sydney Australia using Australian sustainably sourced timber.


We have carefully hand crafted this resource with love and care. You might even find slight imperfections in the way it is hand made which we think to make it perfect.

Made from sustainably sourced timber

The timber used in this resource has been harvested responsibly. Carbon is reduced by growing trees and is also stored in the dry timber forever, this means timber is a sustainable resource.

Accelerate your matching skills

Combining a sensory input as well as training hand eye coordination is believed to accelerate your children’s matching ability.

Enjoy the unique colours and designs

12 illustrated different colours cards will captivate and educate young minds.

Stores effortlessly

Designed with your classrooms limited storage in mind, this resource will pack up into one small easy to store box.

What’s in the box?

This product comes with extra tough 12 cards. Supplied without a tray.

Out of the box thinking

Environmentally friendly recycled cardboard packaging can be creatively upcycled into useful classroom items. Alternatively, please recycle your cardboard box to help do your part for the environment.


Dimensions: Wooden cards measures 15cm x 10cm x 6mm

Weight: 0.25 kg

Ages: 3+

Colours Matching Game